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Thank you for performing compositions by Natalie Groom. Please fill out the form for every piece programmed. If you are performing two of Natalie's works on the same program, submit the form twice, one for each composition.

If you report before the performance date, your event can be publicized on the composer’s website and social media if desired.

What’s this form? Why is it important?

Composers receive performance royalties from Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) when their music is performed live. If the music you’re performing isn’t in the public domain, you should report the performance to the copyright rights holder. You won’t be paying the licensing fees—you just report the performance and institutions such as ASCAP or BMI will pay the composer through fees collected from the performance venue.

The composer will need a copy of the program that includes the time, date, and location of the performance. Thank you for helping create financial stability for composers!

Report a Performance
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Thank you!

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