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The Prick of the Spindle

classical music video
collaboration with Avant Projekts

In our classical music video reimagination of Charles Perrault's Sleeping Beauty, Aurora pricks her finger and falls under the witch's curse. Soon she is awakened by True Love's Kiss, and she and the prince plan to be married. But Aurora is still haunted by the witch's spell. In the end she defeats the witch and marries the prince to live happily ever after.

Music/Libretto: Dannielle Lynn McBryan
Choreography: Anneke Van Brero Belman
Videography: Claude Bauschinger
Video editor: Bailey Mutschler
Recording engineer: Antonino D'Urzo


Princess Aurora: Dawn Gierling Milatin
Evil Witch: Paige Bodnar
Prince Desire: Raeman Kilfoil
Priest: Qun (Jimmy) Ren
Queen: Lydia Consilvio
Townspeople: Natalie Groom, Thomas James Wible, Derek Maseloff

Music recorded by Wavelength Winds

Flute: Naomi Franklin (formerly Harrow)
Oboe: Lydia Consilvio
Clarinet: Natalie Groom
Horn: Derek Maseloff
Bassoon: Qun (Jimmy) Ren

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